Sunday, August 12, 2012

Puppet Master and Joker Blogs

I come to you all offering up this excellent fan film called Puppet Master from writer Chris Wiltz and director Bryan Nest. This is very well crafted, obviously cost them a pretty penny to make and fits right into the Nolan-verse of Batman perfectly. I personally had one or two issues with the writing, but they are quite small and are overshadowed by the over-all product put forth. I would love to see more from this crew at some point in the future. Nolan may be done with Batman, but if things like this continue then I'd say the world he's created is in good hands.

Of course it also calls to mind one of my favorite fan film adventures into the Nolan-verse. The Joker Blogs (which I highly recommend to anyone.) Basically imagine the LonelyGirl15 web series if the girl was Nolan's Joker. It is brilliant, and season 2 is currently on the way, though it seems it will be shedding it's vlog format for a more cinematic approach, which makes much more sense in the context of the story anyway.

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