Saturday, August 11, 2012

Playing In The Magic of Imagination

Matt Smith Answers a Little Fan

I posted a link to this because these four pictures speak volumes to me of how amazing of a person Matt Smith truly is. I already know that he is an excellent actor, and one of my favorite Doctors through out the run of Doctor Who, and David Tennant was a tough one to follow. However this photo set is a true glimpse into the magic he can create as a person.
 He is someone who can still play into the wonderment a child can have in their blurred view between fiction and reality. Most adults lose this ability as time goes on because they know that what they see on TV isn't real, but she still lives in a world where it is to her. You can see in how shy she is when asking her question that to her, he isn’t Matt Smith the actor, she is talking to The Doctor and he, unlike many actors, won’t ruin that experience for her. The question itself is something a child would ask The Doctor, because they would wonder how anyone could face something they find so scary. He could have shrugged it off and said "No," or assure her "The Weeping Angels aren't real, so you don't need to be afraid of them." Instead, he knows she's afraid of them and he answers her as The Doctor, not as Matt Smith. As long as she has faith that The Doctor will always be there to fight them off, she won’t need to fear them again.
 This truly is a beautiful moment, and it's something like this that made me want to be involved in film and storytelling in general. I remember as a kid getting lost in my imagination, wanting to live in the world of my favorite movies or favorite TV shows. As a kid I wanted to be an actor because I thought it meant I got to live in these worlds while being filmed. Sadly growing up took that away, but thanks to Matt Smith, this little girl gets to live in that for just a little while longer.

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