Sunday, August 12, 2012

Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday

While I'm on the topic of fan films I figured I should also direct comic fans to this one. While Puppet Master was capable of capturing the look and feel of Nolan's Batman films, Marvel fans know there is no look and feel to capture yet when making a movie about Deadpool. Unless they decide to capture the look and feel of that terrible Wolverine movie, at which point you get your Marvel fan license revoked. However, this fan film seems to capture the character and the spirit of the comic pretty well. The zany yellow thought bubble gag is quite well done. Though I think they missed out on an opportunity of breaking the fourth wall (and playing on the tropes of being a movie, etc.) the team behind Typical Tuesday did a commendable job, and hell it's more than I'm doing at the moment. As a broke filmmaker myself I can not dock points for not having as much production value as Puppet Master did, but they certainly had as much heart put into it.

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