Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cool New Arkham Origins stuff from Comic-Con

Yes, boys and girls, Comic-Con International begins today, and already you're number one Bat-fan is getting excited about more than all the cool stuff that's already been revealed about the newest installment in the "Arkham" series.

First up is a picture from the games official twitter page, @batmanarkham, of a series of DC collectible action figures based on the game's main cast of characters.

From Left to Right, for the visually impaired, are The Joker, Bane, Batman, Black Mask, Deadshot, and Deathstroke. What these figures tell me, and subsequently you, is that though there has not been any announcement trailers saying so, Deadshot will appear in the game as one of the assassin's hired by Black Mask to kill Batman.

Speaking of announcement trailers, look what else has come out of San Diego. An announcement trailer. This time Batman comes face to face with a female (or New 52) version of Copperhead.

For those who don't know, or are just to lazy to check Wikipedia, Copperhead was introduced in the 60s as one of the less interesting characters. He started off as a man in a snake costume that pulled off robberies, as all low-level costumed villains seem to do. Well, after being defeated by Batman, Copperhead decided to up the ante and become an obsessive body-crushing assassin. He sold his soul to a demon to become a man/snake and then was killed. Nothing special.

When DC then rolled out their massive relaunch in 2011 with "The New 52" Copperhead got a whole new coat of paint...and a vagina. She kept the snake costume but gained new powers. The Arkham version however seems to be going for more of a crazy-snake-lady-you-still-want-to-bang style with the revealing outfit and punk rock haircut.

I for one have not been disappointed by the Arkham games, and am more than willing to give this game the benefit of the doubt until it bites me in the ass. The "One Night to Kill The Bat" story plus a side-plot of stopping Joker bombings sounds more than enticing to me. Certainly can't wait for this one.

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