Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hey Sandy!

Well, your favorite Ginger Geek made it through the storm in an area that only suffered some power outages and tree falls here if there. A lot of New Jersey wasn't so lucky, sadly. My thoughts and hopes go out to those who suffered great damages and worse.

So on to the trivial crap. With my lose of power and Internet I will not be able to post the rest of my 15 Nights of Fright features until that returns but when it does they will go up, even with the passing of Halloween.

So be on the lookout for:

The "Possession Double Feature" with a look at one film with an obvious possession storyline, and one that some theorize to be a possession film.

The "Twilight Sucks Double Feature" where I talk about why foreigners seem to have a much better grasp on Vampire love stories than Mormon's do.


The "Matt's Top 3 Triple Feature" where I present exactly what it promises, my 3 favorite horror films of all time.

These will be up ASAP so keep a look out. Thanks for the patience all 4 of you.

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