Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marvel NOW!...Soon

Well this summer all the talk about Marvel comics centers around their current cross-title event Avengers VS. X-Men (AVX for short) which I have to admit, I have not been keeping up with. My time has been more consumed following the only DC comics I find to be worth my time Scott Snyder’s Batman and Kyle Higgins’s Nightwing ( or really any of the Bat-Family books) as well as Greg Rucka’s Punisher (I got a letter published in Punisher #12 *swoon*) and Mark Waid’s amazing run on Daredevil. As time goes on I plan to do reviews of each of these books as new issues come out, but at the moment I am going to take a look into the future.

Marvel Comics has announced that in October of this year they will be moving forward on an initiative know as Marvel NOW! which is reported to bring major shake ups to all of the titles in the Marvel Universe. Like DC’sNew 52relaunch series last year this event is being enacted in order to “bring in and lapsed readers to Marvel Comics.” However, unlike the venture into the nDCU, Marvel is not hitting the reset button on it’s entire universe. Instead, the plan is to shake up but the characters and creative teams on a new series of titles starting at issue #1, instead of just relaunching all the existing titles as #1s. I want to take a quick look at the two I’m most interested in.
By Rick Remender and John Cassaday

In the aftermath of AVX, Captain America finds that Cyclops was right all along (spoiler alert?) and he has not done nearly as much as he should for mutant rights. So as a way to work toward building better human/mutant relations Cap builds a team consisting of himself, Wolverine, Thor, Havok, Rogue, and Scarlet Witch. I find it strange that in his interviews Rick Remender has stated that Havok will actually be the leader of this team…so I wonder what the hell Cap, Wolvie, and Thor will be doing.
by Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto

This one was in fact announced before the reveal of Marvel NOW!, Marvel has been teasing for several weeks with posters of several major Marvel characters being either savagely attacked or presumably dead with the words “This is WAR” stenciled across them. It wasn’t until the final poster came that we saw a mash of all the previous ones, and a silhouette of Frank Castle donning the drippy spray-paint skull he wears in the recent relaunch of The Punisher and the title of the new book Punisher War Zone. Rucka  has said that the story line will be a direct result of events from The Punisher #14-16 in which Frank’s actions get him noticed by The Avengers. Luckily, Frank has a contingency plan…Frank always has a contingency plan.
So far these are the two that interest me the most…or at least the two I’ve heard the most about.

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